Conventional never served you.   

Your style continues to evolve outside these parameters, aspiring for so much more than typical.

 Let’s be real. It’s not easy to find the piece with that extra something you've been searching for!

Hi, I’m Anne and as a girl, I was always drawn to anything and everything with intricate detail. In particular I loved my mother's tiny gold heart necklace, the front was set with small pearls. So much beauty within one tiny jewel. I found myself imagining wearing it, daring to dream about the woman I would become.

Something so small can say so much, a graceful statement to bring you back to what matters most. Who you are now, where you've been and who you're going to become.

You exude a distinctive style, entirely your own. You have all the abilities and unique qualities that deserve celebration. This is where Blue Valentine Design comes in. 

I create avant-garde, sculptural jewellery with a contemporary edge. I start with artistic innovation, authenticity and mood in mind. 

With a Fine Art (painting) background and training in jewellery, I utilise simplicity as well as form and function to guide me in creating pieces that highlight the uniqueness of you. 

Your dreams, your style and your grace combined, interwoven into a truly bespoke piece of jewellery.  

My designs are a reflection of colours observed in nature. From the hues of seaweed-green and the turquoise shimmer of the sea, to the most recent collection which takes inspiration from stars and planets. Using a mixture of modern and vintage beads, I'm inspired by the beaded ropes of Vienna circa 1920's. 

Find that special piece that resonates.

The designs of Blue Valentine are definitely captivating to the discerning eye and to the individual aware and able to enjoy her own sense of style. 

Browse the shop and get in touch if you feel a custom order is required.