About me

You're a lover of bespoke jewellery that is elegant, one of a kind, bold yet feminine.

You are truly unique!

  • A lover of jewellery that is designed exclusively for you

  • Valuing jewellery handcrafted, contemporary and sophisticated in design.

  • You have a strong connection to your style reflecting a sense of beauty and timeless elegance.

Blue Valentine jewellery has a language of its own that speaks to and for each of us. 

My connection with jewellery began in my childhood. I remember being a little girl sitting on my mother’s lap. I would happily play with her long pearl necklace around her neck while she sipped coffee and talked to her friends. One necklace  of her's that I particularly loved had a long and delicate, finely-plaited gold chain. Attached was a small gold heart with tiny pearls set into it. This simple, yet direct connection to my mother, meant a lot to me. It has given me nourishing memories that remain with me even now as a young woman.

Over more recent years, my passion to create has continued to evolve. Jewellery, art and design are both my passion. Completing a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) at Monash in 2009. I went on to win the Mama Duke Cafe Painting Prize that same year. This award is given to one student only in final year of the Bachelor of Fine Art degree.

Next, I enrolled in an Engineering - Jewellery design course at Melbourne Polytechnic. I have continued to further my design and technical skills. 

Research into cultures with a history of rich and colourful design lead me to the intricate, beaded rope designs of Vienna. These took my breath away and l set about teaching myself how to make them.

I love creating specialist beaded jewellery that is unique. At my most recent exhibition, in late 2016, my beaded ropes received such high interest that they virtually sold out. 

The Blue Valentine Design hallmark is about finding the right balance in design, colour and tone drawing from a rich palette of colour

When browsing my online gallery, the pieces will speak for themselves and hopefully, also speak to you in a way so you find that beautiful something you are looking for.